Shocking footage from New York City shows a subway train in the Bronx filled with trash and homeless people as the stunned construction worker taking the video criticizes the city’s leadership.

“See this sh*t? This how the trains be looking in the mornings. This sh*t is crazy, dog. This sh*t’s stupid. And they want us to pay more money?” the man says as he looks upon all the filth.

“This sh*t makes you not wanna sit on trains and all that. They want more money? MTA [Metropolitan Transportation Authority], ya’ll gotta do something, ya’ll gotta do better,” he added.

New York City is experiencing the highest level of homelessness it’s ever had: 78,676 — or about 14 percent of the entire U.S. homeless population, according to a recent Department of Housing and Urban Development report.

As we’ve reported, liberal-controlled cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Portland are turning into sh*tholes because of Democrats’ disregard for the law, such as sanctuary city policies and politically correct law enforcement methods.

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