Bidondi has told Infowars on record he was threatened before and after the press conference

Adan Salazar
April 24, 2013

Before the FBI’s rescheduled Thursday press conference, where they for the first time publicly presented blurry photos and surveillance footage of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, reporter Dan Bidondi had earned a reputation for being the guy who asked about prior knowledge and “false flags.”

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick gives Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi the “stink eye.”
At the first Boston bombing press conference, which took place Monday, April 15 almost immediately following the bombings, Dan questioned Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis as to whether police had prior knowledge of the bombings, to which the Commissioner replied they had “no specific intelligence” regarding such a threat.

Bidondi also had the guts to ask Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick at a second press conference whether the Boston bombing was a false flag attack geared to take away our civil liberties and justify the TSA sticking their hands down our pants. While Gov. Patrick answered Bidondi with a terse, “No,” the ensuing police state takeover of Watertown, Mass., in which police forcibly (and without warrants) evacuated people from their homes, only proved Bidondi’s and Infowars’ prescient knowledge of such events.

As the press conferences were broadcast globally, Bidondi’s voice was heard by millions of people around the world, and as a result (and as we documented) subsequently caused a massive spike in the amount of people curious over the search term “false flag.”

It’s become evident the media did not anticipate Bidondi’s questions. It also appears that he turned the heads of higher ups, chiefly from the Obama administration.

At the FBI’s Thursday press conference, Bidondi was barred from asking any questions whatsoever. It also seems he caused them to prematurely shut down their presentation after only taking about two questions from the media.

As the FBI left the conference, two big, bald men approached Bidondi and blocked his repeated attempts to get a question in.

An Infowars reader has identified one of the men who approached Bidondi as a Secret Service member and specifically one entrusted with protecting Obama himself.

Undoubtedly, this will spur Internet sleuths to investigate if this person truly is a member of Obama’s security detail, which we encourage.

Examine the photos below and tell us what you think:

This would also mean the Obama administration was monitoring the press conference, but for what reason?

More on this as it develops…

Watch the bald men approach Bidondi at about 8:10 into the video below:

Below is a compilation of Bidondi asking questions at the press conferences:

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