Extreme allegations that a ‘rogue’ SAS unit carried out night missions in which they executed civilians in Afghanistan villages have come to light in court documents.

The trove of secret files was previously withheld from an ongoing High Court legal case by the government, causing a judge to demand an explanation from defence secretary Ben Wallace.

Communications from within high ranks of the special forces reveal huge concern for the killings of over 33 Afghan people in 11 different night raids on homes by the same unit.

Owen is joined by Ivan Raiklin who breaks down the importance of General Micheal Flynn and why Judge Sullivan is buying time on his case.

The documents, seen by The Sunday Times Insight team, expose one signficant incident that has been alleged to be a quadruple murder by UK troops, and is now at the centre of the case.

On February 16, 2011, the unnamed SAS unit arrived by Chinook helicopter at the village of Gawahargin in southern Helmand province.

They were looking for a young man named Saddam, suspected of being a member of an enemy gang that was planting roadside bombs.

With laser gunsights trained, they raided his family home, with family members including his 19-year-old brother Saifullah stepping out into the night with their hands up.

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