Update (2338ET): Following an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” James O’Keefe released a second ballot-harvesting video featuring an apparent purchase of a ballot from a Somali resident of Minnesota.

The video then features several allegations made by local Somalis regarding the alleged scheme – including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s direct involvement.

She’s [Ilhan Omar] the one who came up with all this [pay-for-vote],” said one source who added. “She’s [Ilhan Omar] the one, somehow. Nobody knew, but, yeah, this is something like new with Ilhan [Omar].”

Jamal Omar said cash for votes is an open secret in Minneapolis. “The techniques that he [Ali Isse] uses to exchange money for vote — that’s not a secret. It’s, it’s open, and everybody knows about it,” he said. “$200, $300 per ballot received!” –Project Veritas

“Nobody would say that Ilhan Omar isn’t part of this,” said Omar Jamal – a Somali community insider and chairman of the Somali Watchdog Group. “Unless you’re from a different planet, but if you live in this universe, I think everybody knows it.”

According to Jamal, senior Ilhan Omar staffer Ali Isse Gainey is at the center of the vote-buying scheme.

Texas Democratic Biden Campaign Organizer Has been accused amongst a slew of other democratic organizers of ballot harvesting . When will it end?

Jamal also said that Ilhan Omar operatives would accompany Somali residents to the voting booth and do the actual voting for the person.

“They help us at the voting booth. They allow them to help us,” said one Minneapolis ballot harvester recorded on hidden camera. “They go inside with us and help us, and they actually do that inside there.”


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The Minneapolis Police Department announced Monday evening that they would be investigating allegations of ‘vote harvesting’ by supporters of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) following an explosive Project Veritas exposé.

“The MPD is aware of the allegations of vote harvesting,” tweeted the Minneapolis PD. “We are in the process of looking into the validity of those statements. No further information is available at this time on this.”

O’Keefe’s latest video features Minneapolis resident Liban Mohamed – who brags on tape about illegally collecting some 300 ballots from Somali immigrants in an effort to help his City Councilman brother, Jamal Osman.

What’s more, the journalist teased a “cash-for-ballots financial transaction ON TAPE” in a Monday night Twitter poll.

Mohamed called O’Keefe “Fake News” in a Monday tweet, according to the Daily Mail.

The Veritas video also featured Somali political operative Omar Jamal – who said he believes ballot harvesters are hired to take advantage of elderly members of the Somali community.

Omar spokesman Jeremy Slevin said the claims were “amplifying a coordinated right-wing campaign to delegitimize a free and fair election this fall undermines our democracy.”

President Trump took to Twitter late Monday evening, calling the allegations “totally illegal,” and that he hopes that “the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review.”

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