Kurt Nimmo
June 2, 2010

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday Israel should promptly investigate the role its military played in the flotilla incident in international waters that resulted in the death of an undetermined number of people.

The corporate media reports “at least” nine people dead which means it does not know how many people were actually killed. In the above video, Clinton admits the Israelis have not allowed access to the dead and wounded.

“We support in the strongest terms the (UN) Security Council’s call for a prompt, impartial credible and transparent investigation,” said Clinton. She then said the U.S. government supports “an Israeli investigation that meets those criteria,” in other words she supports an Israeli cover-up and whitewash of the incident. “And we will continue to discuss these ideas with the Israelis and our international partners in the days ahead,” she said.

The globalist dog and pony show otherwise known as the United Nations has called for an investigation. “The United Nations Human Rights Council condemned Israel’s interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla, and in harsh language called for a Goldstone-like probe of the military operation that left nine dead,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

In April 2009, the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed South African jurist Richard Goldstone to lead the mission of investigating war crimes committed by Israel in the war in Gaza between December 27, 2008 and January 18, 2009.

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“The report’s findings were published in September 2009, providing one of the most vivid, sober and unmistakable recommendations ever issued by a UN mission since Israel began its open-ended campaign of massacres and violations on the territorial sovereignty and human dignity of the Palestinian people and its Arab neighbors,” writes Ramzy Baroud.

The Israeli attack on Gaza resulted in 1,205 people killed, including 410 children under the age of 16, 108 women, 113 elderly, 14 medics, and 4 journalists. The IDF targeted UN-run schools, a compound of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, media buildings, medical centers and ambulances, according to figures provided by AFP.

The Israeli government refused to conduct an independent investigation of the report’s findings. A senior official in prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said “Bibi is satisfied with the IDF’s internal probe, the preliminary results of which were submitted to the United Nations” in early February, 2010, writes Gregg Carlstrom.

On Tuesday, the U.S. blocked demands at the UN security council for an international inquiry into Israel’s assault. “A compromise statement instead calls for an impartial investigation which Washington indicated could be carried out by Israel,” reports the Guardian.

“For those determined to carry out their own investigation even without Israeli cooperation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged them to start from the position that Israel had every right to impose a maritime blockade on Gaza, and that doing so was necessary to prevent future missile barrages against southern Israel,” reports Israel Today.

Legal scholars agree that Israel is in violation of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, which seeks to protect the civilian population against collective punishment. Israel, however, has never accepted that the convention should formally apply in the occupied territories, arguing that the conventions refer to occupied state sovereign territories.

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