Kurt Nimmo
October 28, 2011

Alan Haber, an SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) founder, is coaching the OWS movement, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, website reported yesterday. Haber and other 60s radicals “will be leading a discussion of revolutionary thought and action with the Occupy Ann Arbor protestors at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Ann Arbor’s Liberty Plaza, according to a news release,” reports AnnArbor.com.

photoSDS spin-off the Weathermen was heavily infiltrated by agents provocateurs.

“Occupy Ann Arbor is the mass action of Ann Arbor supporters of Occupy Wall Street. It encompasses everyone from socialist activists to political moderates who want to see a repeal of tax cuts on the rich and a more effective regulation of big business practices,” the Occupy Ann Arbor website explains.

The SDS was not only infiltrated by the FBI, it was also taken over by communist groups. “Back in 1962, in the Port Huron Statement, SDS had rejected a cornerstone of the cold war, anti-communism. In so doing we had not only opened ourselves up eventually to Marxism, but to actual infiltration by members of communist parties whose goal was recruitment,” writes Mark Rudd, a former SDS leader and member of the Weather Underground.

The Progressive Labor Party, a pro-China Maoist party which had split from the old Soviet-oriented Communist Party of the United States, was particularly aggressive in its efforts to compromise the SDS, Rudd notes.

Rudd dismisses the FBI’s COINTELPRO infiltration of the “revolutionary” group. “We couldn’t have done the FBI’s work better for them had we been paid agents, which I know we weren’t. We were just stupid kids too in love with our ideas to realize they weren’t real,” he writes. The SDS had dissolved by 1970, thanks to the diligent work of the communists and the FBI (and the CIA through its Operation CHAOS).

By 1965, the FBI had launched a large scale infilitration of the SDS. Reports on the SDS and other anti-establishment groups were distributed to military intelligence, the Secret Service, the State Department and the Justice Department. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover ordered infiltrators and agents provocateurs to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the so-called New Left and also “national liberation” movements epitomized by the Black Panthers.

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The SDS splinter group, the Weather Underground or the Weathermen, was also infiltrated and compromised by the FBI. “The FBI’s pursuit of Weathermen suggests that radical movements and state powers do not exist in a vacuum; each is continuously influenced and shaped by the actions and responses of the other,” writes Kostenlose Bucker (A Climate of Violence: The Weather Underground & The FBI, 1968-78).

Court documents reveal that much of the violence of the group was the work of the government and law enforcement infiltrators who later offered unapologetic testimonies of intentional incitement to violence.

It appears the OWS will repeat history. It is, to say the least, unwise to get coaching from a man who help found an organization used by the FBI and military intelligence to destroy the 1960s “counter culture” and the anti-war movement.

The OWS maintains it will remain leaderless in order to prevent the government from targeting individuals as it did in the past. However, as the history lesson of COINTELPRO demonstrated, the government excels at taking over movements not only by targeting leaders (as it did with Martin Luther King) but also filling activist ranks with poseurs and violent agents provocateurs.

It also works to water down any effective political activism by inserting communists and socialists who are notorious for neutering movements through factionalism and never ending arguments over political nuances and organizational approaches that ultimately go nowhere.

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