A middle school in Seattle called the police after posters were found encouraging students to subscribe to PewDiePie, prompting a history teacher’s unhinged rant about the Swedish YouTuber promoting “genocide” that went viral.

As we reported on Tuesday, a video posted to Twitter featured audio of an unnamed teacher bizarrely claiming that children could be sued for sharing PewDiePie’s videos, asserting that the mild-mannered video gamer’s content was racist and anti-Semitic.

“And by every time you retweet one of these things, or every time you promote this idea, you are promoting ignorance, racism, genocide, anti-Semitism…..these are all things that you are putting forward when you are doing anything that promotes PewDiePie,” said the teacher.

“So be careful about this. If someone decided to, if something would happen and PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit if you retweet it, they can make you pay a fine as well, because you have officially published anti-Semitic things, so if you are republishing this stuff, you could get in trouble for it, be very aware that that is a real thing,” he added.

The rant was based on completely erroneous and hysterical media reports that PewDiePie was promoting white supremacism because he liked an anime review from a channel that had uploaded other questionable content.

After the video went viral, Hamilton International Middle School responded by calling the police because they were concerned about “comments online” in response to the video.

A KOUW article about the issue entitled Why Alex Jones, right-wing conspiracy theorist, is obsessed with this Seattle school, doesn’t even mention PewDiePie, describing him simply as a YouTuber “who lost his contract with Disney for putting anti-semitic and Nazi imagery in his videos.”


In reality, PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, is YouTube’s most popular creator with 77 million subscribers and is a world famous entertainer. The fact that a journalist didn’t even know his name or refused to put it in the article is completely absurd.

In addition, the piece inaccurately blames Alex Jones and Infowars for the police visit despite the fact that the video went viral (mainly because PewDiePie himself shared it on Twitter) the night before Infowars even reported on the story.

“At noon on Tuesday, police visiting the school concluded there was no safety risk to students, staff or the building. Seattle Police will continue to monitor social media for direct threats,” according to the report.

The article notes that the controversy began when posters urging students to subscribe to PewDiePie were put up around school premises.

Seattle Public Schools said that “extra security” had been placed at the school.

For what reason is unclear – perhaps authorities are concerned that kids might get radicalized by PewDiePie’s popular “meme review” series or that they may take up arms and launch a violent revolution against T-Series.


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