If you’re a Sanders supporter, or any supporter, or really, if you’re just a grown adult… don’t ever make a video like this.

This girl cries about Bernie Sanders losing in Nevada to Hillary and because she can’t get over the “bad nature” of Trump supporters. Hilarious!

Look, anyone who has made even the slightest criticism or joke about Donald Trump have gotten this kind of response. You should see some of the comments I received after this, this, and this.

But c’mon. When you set up a video camera and cry about it, and post it publicly for the world to see, what do you expect the response to be?

Even the usually sympathetic Reddit wasn’t having it.

Always funny to see millennial college students’ first encounter with beliefs that aren’t like there’s.

Southerners are not politically correct and often actually enjoy messing with people who are. I’m sorry, but if you make a Bernie call to someone who says they are voting for Trump and your response is anything other than “thank you for your time,” you’re just asking for it.

And here we see the fundamental problem with “safe spaces”, speech codes, political correctness, etc. You can’t eliminate ugliness from the world, liberals; you can only raise a generation of children who don’t know how to confront it.

“he’s a human! What you don’t realize is that Bernie is making all this campaigning and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him! He hasn’t had such traction in ages… His message is ‘money out of politics’ for a reason because all you throw at this election is MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Dang. I was planning an entire write-up here to that affect, but that guy nailed it. A few points I would add though. If you watch the video, this girl says that the Republicans said “horrible things!” without ever really specifying as to what they were. I’ve listed her only specifics below.

“(referring to Trump voters) Sick people that refer to human beings as animals.”



My father referred to me and my brother as filthy animals growing up. Is it polite? Not necessarily. But is it a mortal wounding comment that warrants a blubbering YouTube video?

The other offensive comments.

“A lot of comments about building walls, and getting rid of Mexicans! … hearing that for hours was so horrible!”

DawsonCrying GIF

I mean honestly, if people said anything that was legitimately concerning or threatening, it would be highlighted in a police report. It seems that the people’s greatest crime was that of simply disagreeing with her. Mere disagreement is reason enough for lengthy therapy sessions on college campuses today. This video is the culmination of a coddled safe-space, trigger warning, overly sensitive, politically correct upbringing of an entire generation.

Now certainly, her choice to upload an embarrassing YouTube video is not that big of a deal. A lapse in judgment? Sure, but nothing more.

At least at first glance. Then, when you consider that young Americans like this actually want to legislate free speech out of existence in order to avoid disagreement like this, it becomes a little more alarming. Watch the video below to learn more. Young Americans simply do not believe in The First Amendment. And that’s scary.

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