On Thursday, Bernie Sanders kissed the ring during a visit to the Oval Office and vowed to team up with Hillary Clinton and fight Donald Trump.

“I look forward to meeting with (Clinton) in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%,” Sanders said after a meeting with Obama.

In an effort to stage manage his defeat, Sanders held out the pretense of continuing his campaign and overseeing a “full counting” in California where he was robbed of an undetermined number of votes.

On Friday, Kunoor Ojha defected to the Clinton camp. Ojha worked as Sanders’ national campus and student organizing director. She will now “shore up support with millennials” as Clinton launches her “millennial engagement” program to corral disillusioned Sanders supporters.

According to CNN, the Ojha defection “is the Clinton campaign’s first major hire from the Sanders campaign.”

The millennial engagement “team will travel the country and listen directly to millennial voters—including students, parents, workers, and organizers—to ensure that they have the voice at the table and that the campaign is addressing the issues that matter most,” a Clinton aide said. “They will also serve as a resource for state teams to ensure that every state has an aggressive program to reach millennial voters.”

The establishment is pushing hard to give the impression millennials will make the transition from Sanders to Clinton. A poll released in April by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics claimed millennials overwhelmingly prefer Clinton over Trump.

On Monday, a study produced by MTV’s Elect This found that 57% of millennial Bernie Sanders supporters are already planning on voting for Hillary Clinton after Sanders throws in the towel.

“It is time to put the idea that there is going to be some sort of great unrest in the Democratic Party if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee to bed. Trump would pick up 3% of millennial Bernie Sanders’ supporters. After Sanders endorses Clinton, which he will do at some point, the number of millennial Sanders supporters voting for Hillary Clinton will continue to increase,” writes Jason Easley.

“Clinton is already in a really good position with the ‘Sandennials,’ so the notion that the divides of the Democratic primary will carry over to the general election is false. Democrats are already coming together, and the party will only get stronger after California primary.”

Former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz urged the Clinton campaign to exclude the “Sanderistas”—described as his hard left radical supporters—and concentrate on those who may be more easily persuaded by Clinton’s “centrist” rhetoric.

Dershowitz, writing for the neocon newspaper The Jerusalem Post, advised “let Hillary be Hillary and not become Bernie… Let her look for guidance to the successful centrist politics of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, rather than the failed revolutionary screeds of Bernie Sanders, Cornel West and Susan Sarandon.”

An effort to sway disillusioned millennials and other voters may require more than a tacit or even overt endorsement by Bernie Sanders of Hillary Clinton. It may require a “dream ticket”—Clinton choosing Sanders as her running mate. This may be too much of a stretch, however, and Clinton will likely attempt to placate liberal voters by picking either Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown as a running mate.

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