As mentioned earlier, left-leaning authorities have been exploiting the Wuhan virus as an opportunity to advance their usual agenda.

Another example of this is San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo citing the virus as a pretext to infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms by shutting down gun stores, even as the demand for guns skyrockets.

Recon Marine and Infowars reporter Tim Reames @TimReames joins The Alex Jones Show in studio to expose the government gun confiscation programs pushed through local religious leaders.

Via Big League Politics:

Liccardo declared that gun stores were “non-essential businesses,” and they are no longer permitted to stay open during the lock down effective immediately.

Like nearly all big city mayors, Liccardo is a Democrat. He is enough of a gun-grabber to have endorsed Michael Bloomberg for president.

Then there is the District of Corruption:

Meanwhile, the progressives running big cities also cite coronavirus as a reason to refrain from arresting criminals and even to release those already in jail. If law-abiding citizens ever needed guns to defend themselves, they do now.

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