An article featured in leftist outlet Salon is calling for the continuation of illegal domestic bulk data collection in order to battle the “white privilege” of Rand Paul and other Americans.

Written by former FBI double agent Naveed Jamali, the article, entitled “What if Rand Paul were Muslim? The white, privileged assumptions behind his Patriot Act ‘principles,'” claims that Paul’s opposition to illegal spying is rooted in his skin color, not in his values and principles.

Arguing that bulk collection will deter the intelligence community from targeting people based on their “background or heritage,” Jamali suggests that only white Americans are concerned with domestic surveillance.

“Perhaps to those like Sen. Rand Paul who’ve never had to fight assumptions based on one’s ethnicity or the color of one’s skin, the thought of cell phone data being pooled and analyzed is disconcerting,” Jamali writes. “However, as someone who regularly puts up with extra scrutiny, whether it’s at an airport or a shopping mall, I welcome the leveling of the playing field that bulk data collection brings.”

Jamali goes on to bizarrely argue that the intelligence community must not “draw conclusions” on individuals without evidence while simultaneously calling for all Americans to be surveilled without suspicion or probable cause.

“I’ve been encouraged to not draw conclusions first and then look for information to support a claim, but, rather, to let the information dictate the conclusion,” Jamali says. “Which is why I have no qualms about taking a wide-net, mass-data approach rather than selectively profiling based on background or heritage.”

“I see no point in removing a powerful tool that encourages an evidence-based approach to intelligence gathering.”

Despite being a complete oxymoron, Jamali repeatedly hails bulk collection as the best method for fairly identifying potential spies and terrorist, a claim even refuted by NSA employees according to internal documents.

“I urge our government not to follow the Russian method of profiling, but, instead, to use bulk data collection to arrive at objective analyses.”

Twitter users, still celebrating Section 215 of the Patriot Act’s expiration, immediately noted the absurdity of such statements.

Salon’s desperate attempt to uphold illegal government surveillance in the name of “equality” exemplifies just how far the radical left will go to promote political correctness over liberty.

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