A generation is being systematically hobbled by merciless, cultural assassins.

“Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, it is the rule.”

A “Safe Space” is a mental prison.

It’s a space engineered to keep its occupants in a childlike state of perpetual fear and paranoia, rendering them incapable of emotional maturity.

It’s a space where dissent from the mandated cultural consensus is shouted out with slogans and pejoratives.

It’s a space where ideas are a threat and diversity of opinion is forbidden.

It’s a space where our daughters learn to hate men, and our sons are taught to hate themselves.

It’s a space where false-flags create the perception that the opposition is violent, while violence is used and justified by the soldiers of political correctness.

It’s a space where intolerance rules in the guise of tolerance.

It’s a space where a multi-cultural utopia is promoted openly while a monolithic society in which the world view of the social warrior priestesses informs a singular, sanctioned belief system.

It’s a space where conformity is the new diversity.

It’s a space where heretics are subjected to unrelenting public derision in digital pillories and a complicit media warps reality to bend it to the will of playground bullies.

It’s a space where petty tyrants lobby to graft their illiberal ideology onto the branches of power and convert the masses at gunpoint.

It’s a space where misguided warriors battle for faux rights while all of our rights are stolen from us.

It’s a space where people suffering from arrested development want dissidents to be arrested.

It’s a space where the passion and vitality of youth have been cynically and tragically misguided into a rebellion aimed at the extinction of individual thought and freedom of speech.

It’s a space where paradoxically, out of what is perceived by the warriors as the moral high ground, an unholy crusade has been launched against humanity.

It’s a space where unity is impossible by design and hatred has been perverted into a virtue.

It’s a space where a symbiosis of paranoia is achieved.

When true believers attribute their failures and all evil to their adversaries to avoid responsibility, they turn perceived enemies into real enemies.

It’s a space where only the chosen groups may claim the status of victimhood and the entitlements that come with it.

It’s a space we have seen before during bloody and nightmarish campaigns in places like China and Cambodia.

It’s a space where the culture is actually a cult.

It’s a space that is historically and in reality, never safe.


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