It’s another example demonstrating that the so-called new civil rights movement is predicated on racism and hatred.

Rules were issued for non-black participants during a Mike Brown vigil in Canada on November 25. According to the Daily Mail, they were posted on a Facebook page about the vigil.


In addition to relegating white people to what amounts to the back of the bus, the “rules” call for non-blacks to act as shields and place themselves between cops and the black protesters. The assumption is that white cops will not brutalize white people.

Dillon Taylor discovered that’s simply not true.

The “rules” further demonstrate that the “movement” demanding justice for robbery suspect Mike Brown is not about equality and justice. It is about discriminating against white people and making sure they don’t “take up space.”

Considering this and other incidents, it can be fairly claimed the “movement” is racist, hateful and divisive.

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