While discussing America’s current standoff with Iran on the Ron Paul Liberty Report podcast, former Congressman Ron Paul suggested President Trump get rid of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and other neocons to eliminate their negative influences.

During the Wednesday transmission, Paul said President Trump seems to be trying to satisfy the neocons surrounding him while also trying to satisfy his own instincts, which Paul admits are “much better than the instincts of the neocons.”

“If they would take my advice, which they’re not even going to ask for, I’d say, ‘Well, get rid of John Bolton. Get rid of Pompeo. Get rid of Haspel and get rid of Abrams,'” Paul said.

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson also covered Bolton’s war hawk stance against Iran and his role in the Trump administration, asking, “How influential is Bolton in The White House?”

Wednesday evening, President Trump went to Twitter to clarify what’s going on in The White House when it comes to the Middle East.

POTUS denied rumors of infighting and said, “Different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision,” adding, “I’m sure that Iran will want to talk soon.”

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