James Jaeger
January 22, 2012

Ron Paul will ride the GOP Bull as long, and as far, as he can because if he doesn’t, he won’t maintain as much of a media presence. This is a sad state of affairs — that the media has become an apologist not only for the entrenched government but the corporatocracy that purchases its TV advertisements and funds the political debates. As a result, Americans must go to the foreign media — such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, the DAILY BELL and RT.TV — in order to get unbiased reporting and the big picture.

But when we get towards the end of the GOP ride this election year, Ron Paul fans are hoping he will drop the Bull and Go Indy!

If he does, he will either defeat Obama or win himself. Dr. Paul can win because he can take at least 12% of the vote from the GOP; garner another 15% from Independents and take at least 11% from the Democrats. This will give him 38% — enough to win the presidency in a 3-man race. If he falls short of 38%, he may cause Obama to get back in. The Republican Establishment is terrified of either of these scenarios. They are now doing their best to — as campaign strategist, Ed Rollins advised — “Give Ron Paul the respect he deserves.” But after the RNC, and strategy-challenged voters across the nation, reject Dr. Paul and he goes Indy, you can be sure the CFR-infested media will do its best to scare the hell out of you by slapping you with every dominant social theme they can pull out of their playbook.

Mostly, apologists for the GOP will tell you that Ron Paul is a “spoiler.” The Dems will tell you that you can kiss ObamaCare goodbye and his policies will lead to more poor.

You, as a concerned citizen, however should not worry about any of this propaganda.

As we exhaustively cover in SPOILER, it makes no difference whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House. There is nothing to “spoil.” Both entrenched parties are nothing more than flip sides of the same coin. Two wings of the same ugly bird of prey. Two departments of the police state. The DemoPublicans have done little more than expand the government towards PATRIOT Act-totalitarianism. These parties have monopolized power and placed WE THE PEOPLE on the road to serfdom ever since Woodrow Wilson and the advent of the Federal Reserve System 100 years ago.

THIS is what the TEA PARTY movement and the OCCUPY WALL STREET protests are all about. It’s the “Right” screaming about the ever-expanding welfare state and the “Left” screaming about the ever-expanding warfare state.

This expansion has been accomplished with the unconstitutional fiat currency provided through the Federal Reserve System. This is why Ron Paul wants the Fed audited and this terrifies the tyrants who depend on fiat currency to expand and control the Global Empire they are trying to create under the United Nations and its various divisions: the IMF, WTO, World Court, NAFTA and the EU. The Dems and GOP are thus BOTH tools of the Counsel on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the Global Empire that pushes the “Liberal World Order” — the latest euphemism for the “New World Order.”

Again, this is why it makes no difference whether a Democrat or Republican gets in. They are both pawns of the Empire, pawns of the corporate-dominated media. The only function of the DemoPublicans — and the actor they cast to play the part of “president” — is to provide a “panem et circensus” to deactivate the masses’ capacity to challenge the status quo.

So that’s the game that’s going on. Ron Paul knows it and so do the Global Insiders. To their horror, Ron Paul’s popularity has been on a steady, arithmetic curve the past eight years — from obscurity (when Aaron Russo and I interviewed him for our films, AMERICA and FIAT EMPIRE, respectively) to house-hold word. This curve will eventually become exponential, as a critical mass begin to fully comprehend the magnitude of the damage that fiat currency has leveled upon them and the American Dream.


All other “reasons” the economy is in serious trouble are derivative. The mainstream media — with the exception of Dylan Ratigan, Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel — focuses on all the other “reasons.”

Money represents one half of the economy. The other half is represented by the products and services we all deliver. When fiat currency is declared to be legal tender, this is the same as regulating the currency. When the currency is regulated, at least half of the economy is regulated. Then you throw in the 30,000 new laws and regulations that are enacted every year by YOUR lawyer-turned-congressman, and only a complete MORON would scream for yet more regulation.


Once this is understood, and only after it is understood, will WE THE PEOPLE understand what Dr. Paul is saying about the banking system, mal-investment and the military-industrial complex’s take-over of the World with its 900 bases in over 130 countries. Already the OCCUPY WALL STREET protests are aware of the corporatocracy’s take over of Congress, so it’s only a matter of time before the TEA PARTY movement becomes aware of the government’s over-regulation of the free markets. These two movements merged ARE the Ron Paul Revolution — a political movement that addresses the key issues of the day: not the popcorn issues batted back and forth by Democrats and Republicans. Such political movement — the Ron Paul Revolution — calls for a return to limited, Constitutional government where a libertarian-conservatism guides both fiscal and social issues.

This means, the government is not allowed in our businesses or bedrooms. Drugs and prostitutes are a decision that informed individuals make. The senseless waste of undeclared wars and policing the world come to an end. Money is created through hard work, not monetized from debt. A strong middle class replaces the unjustly enriched and disenfranchised poor. Austrian economics rises in acceptance over Keynesian economics. Ethics and morals are taught through families, churches, elders and our heroes, not dictated by the state; enforced by the prison-industrial complex and indoctrinated by Rousseau’s “general will of the people.” In other words, freedom for the individual, replaces the Borg collective of the welfare-warfare state.

America sees these things, more clearly every day. This is why the country is becoming more libertarian every hour — especially with younger citizens. And, bear in mind, it’s the youth that determines the future — that’s why the Revolution is inevitable.

James Jaeger heads up the Jaeger Research Institute.

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