The federal government killed tax activist Irwin Schiff because he dared to speak out against constitutional abuses, according to Dr. Ron Paul.

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“Just recently, when we read about the death of Irwin Schiff, he was actually imprisoned and killed by our government because he spoke out about the unconstitutionality of the way taxes were being collected,” he said Wednesday on the Alex Jones Show. “It wasn’t that he was a violent person, he wasn’t for anarchy or anything else and I don’t think he ever said the statement that there should be no taxes either, but [simply] because he said what the government was doing was unconstitutional and the government told him ‘you’re not allowed to talk about that.'”

“[But] he did and [when] he was 77, they put him in jail for 14 years and literally I think killed him, you know because it was a death sentence, a life sentence and he didn’t [even] get his medical care, so that’s how ruthless the government is.”

Paul also added that Schiff’s imprisonment was a good example of an out-of-control government.

“He was challenging the financing of a government that’s run away,” he stated. “So the same way if somebody tells us the truth about what’s going on in the Middle East and how we have involved ourselves in these wars illegally and lied ourselves into [them] as our presidents have, they can’t tolerate that.”

“They cannot tolerate the truth about our foreign policy, they cannot tolerate the truth about why they’re ruthless in collecting taxes and they’re not going to tolerate the truth about how the Federal Reserve is run.”

Paul warned the federal government would continue trying to eradicate free speech.

“You know, when I left Congress a couple of years ago, I listed several things that I thought were the greatest danger to us and the top one was freedom of expression, the First Amendment,” he said. “If we’re not allowed to express ourselves, it makes it so difficult for us to compete with the propagandists from our government and from the media.”

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