Speaking with activist group Take Back Austin on Thursday, Trump confidant and former Infowars host Roger Stone voiced his support for a recall of the mayor and city council of Austin, Texas.

Stone explained that Austin is one of his “favorite cities,” and that “no place on the face of the Earth has better food or better beer.”

However, Roger says the Texas capital “needs better leadership.”

“You must recall the mayor and the city council. God bless you and Godspeed,” Stone said, encouraging the citizens of Austin to sign a petition calling for just that.

From the city’s snowballing homeless crisis to the COVID-19 response, there are a plethora of issues Adler and the city council could be ousted over.

Mayor Adler signed an order Tuesday stating county restaurants and bars can only operate via drive-thru, to-go or delivery services and that gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited.

The city’s service industry is the backbone of the community and there’s no telling how long until the economic ramifications hit Austin hard.

A local bar owner warned, “I’ve got to get these businesses reopened as quickly as possible so that these employees can continue to have a living. I would have enjoyed any communication … No one wants to see anyone get hurt, but if this doesn’t change quickly, economically, these people are destroyed.”

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