Make it Eight, eh?
July 21, 2010

In October of  2005, in one of many speeches, Robert Rubin addressed a group of students at Princeton University. When he was done, a round of applause was offered from the audience. After all, Rubin had taken time out from his busy schedule to address concerns of the future  bright young hope of the United States – the students –  the next generation that would take the reins moving forward.

He told the students of Princeton that day, that there might be a chance that the economy was going to take a nosedive. Like pulling out a fry pan and a couple of eggs, it would be easy to predict that the eggs will be cooked, especially since you intend to cook them. We should give the intelligent youth in the lecture hall that day some credit – they probably knew it wasn’t eggs on the fry pan, it was more like a few gooses – as in, our goose is cooked!

Some of the excited group at Princeton probably didn’t know Robert Rubin was working with the power elite of the world. Their educations, and more, their dreams would become futile in a world where freedoms were being stripped, educations would be slated to become mere tools for slavery, heck, one’s very existence would be in question. The group responsible for the world’s change to bondage – The Bilderberg Group.

Rubin, as former Secretary of Treasury, worked his post in the mid to late ’90 ‘s under Bill Clinton (wait for it – a fellow  Bilderberger). Clinton’s wife Hillary, we all know today as a regular Bilderberg contributor. Don’t be alarmed if she was missing from this year’s list of delegates . It means little.

In 2008, Clinton slipped into the now infamous Bilderberg conference in Washington, accompanied by the next President of the United States. Little chance she was on the official, secret list then either,so don’t be confused – her loyalty was not in question.

Breaking a few rules to get things done, I’m sure could easily be argued by the Bilderbergers, when important decisions need to be made. On  that evening in 2008,  the group of the most powerful in the world would decide whether Clinton would step aside leaving Obama to assume the American Presidency. Reporters to this day are no doubt still scratching their heads in wonder why Obama never got on the flight to Chicago that evening. That’s easy – the press weren’t invited to witness real news.

This June, in Sitges, Spain, Robert Rubin was in attendance, and was there listed as the Co-Chairman for the Council on Foreign Relations. Let that absorb a moment.

The CFR “….is a very old and very prestigious group of Americans actively engaged in shaping U.S. foreign policy at a professional and/or academic level. The membership includes almost every prominent name in U.S. foreign policy including most presidents and secretaries of state over the last 75 years.” I suppose it even includes those accused of Ponzi schemes. I suppose if Bernie Madoff was in the U.S. government, he would be eligible to maintain membership in the “prestigious group”. The self-acclaimed, ” prestigious group”.

Rubin, among others, was at the meeting illegally, as outlined under the the Logan Act which clearly defines that it is against the law for federal officials to attend secret meetings with private citizens to develop public policies”. But, like other things worth repeating, we already know that, don’t we? We know that laws in America, as Gerald Celente would tell us are ” just for us” – his explanation to describe the current state of law and justice (pron. “just-us”). That would explain how Bilderberg has now drafted up their own website as if to mock the world.

Let’s face it….’ Logan shmogan’, the law does not apply to the elite, so what are you gonna do about it? It would be like telling the mafia they just committed a crime. Yeah, so?

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Worth taking note. We are not talking about government officials taking liberties. We are talking about crooks taking government positions and using that influence, power and control to effect the goals of the relatively few that want to take over everything and everyone. The good news is, it is not the government in control – it is the Bilderbergers in government that have sabotaged the Constitution, who are conspicuous by their actions –  stomping on our rights. We can identify the crooks – we have a list! And, even if they can prove they are “innocent”, they are at the very least a “suspect”. Again, we have the list of suspects. Time to investigate the criminality and bring them to the fore.

What precious time we have needs to be spent, not on the Black Panthers, not on the Unions of America,  or the ethnic group of the week, not on Democrats vs. Republicans,  or the for Glenn Beck people vs. the ones that are not so happy with him. No, we need to continue to expose the criminals and the criminality that is right in front of us. Forget the distractions. Forget the media controlled by Bilderberg telling us to attack each other, and let’s crumble the cookie.

As Rubin would argue on the collapse of the economy, it was Americans not living within their means. Your own fault America!

It would have nothing to do with Rubin, supposedly “convincing” Bill Clinton that derivative deregulation is good.

It would have nothing to do with Bill Clinton, one Bilderberger, covering up for another Bilderberger, and pulling the wool over our eyes by this explanation:

“On derivatives, yeah I think they were wrong and I think I was wrong to take [their advice] because the argument on derivatives was that these things are expensive and sophisticated and only a handful of investors will buy them and they don’t need any extra protection, and any extra transparency. The money they’re putting up guarantees them transparency,”

I suppose when you have to clarify what “is” is, anything this complicated would be a stretch.

That last little bit about transparency is in the course, Ponzi Scheme 101. Unfortunately, not available at time of print at Princeton U.

For, it is all about consumer and economic confidence.

Again, the Bilderberg talking heads, whether it is Feldstein, Rubin, or take your pick, will discuss the economy in terms of “confidence”. Confidence in the markets, known as investor confidence. We can translate that into Ponzi terms to be read, confidence in the government, in the Bilderbergers, in the Ponzi schemers, and in the derivative selling clowns on Wall Street. Put another way, are you still buying their stories and promises that if you keep investing, you will eventually get rich?

As long as the market “confidence” is there, the crooks know the suckers are still on the hook,  still ready to hand over their wealth to the banksters.

The Bilderbergers benchmark to monitor progress is in consumer/investor confidence. It means they can open for business and off the radar of suspicion. They can carry on their looting. The people have not caught on to the scheme yet.

But, as the economy continues to sour, there is a good chance more and more people will stop listening to the rhetoric. They will stop buying the lies. If America riots, Bilderberg wins.

They will have won because they will have fooled enough Americans long enough  to effect their plan.

The street riots, the police brutality, the armies in the streets will all be signs they avoided true justice.

We have a choice. We can take the list of suspects (the Bilderberg list), and hold them accountable for their actions. We can press them for roles in effecting world government not represented by the people.

We can use the muckety map of Robert Rubin and investigate every crevice of relationships. They are all intertwined. As the cliches go: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“, “birds of a feather flock together”, “be careful of the company you keep”. All good cliches that have stood the test of time and hold wisdom.

We are just getting warmed up. The exposure is just starting. If the U.S. courts won’t expose these criminals, then it is up to us, as citizens of the world to do it.

Robert Rubin is a symptom of the greater darkness that plagues our countries. He is a player in the Bilderberg gang of criminality. We could say more for now, including the lack of reporting in media that few would touch regarding his role in the Citi fiasco, but more important is the question how he got away with it. How, if Bilderberg is argued to be diplomats would they want such types in their group?

We know the answer. They are all the same. They cover for each other. There is more to be uncovered.

We don’t have much time. We must turn our attention to Bilderberg, and how they all fit together.

We must join the pieces of the puzzle and expose their game of world enslavement.

They must and will be stopped.

In the clip below, please forgive the mechanical voice that was used. We should ask ourselves what we have to be afraid of. Why wouldn’t a real voice have been used?  Does it reflect our  fear in getting involved? Shouldn’t we be forthright in bringing truth?

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