Patrick Henningsen
April 26, 2012

Take note – elite aspirations for environmentally-driven UN Global Government are no longer confined to realm of ‘conspiracy theory’, they are now out in plain view.

In their desire to become more fuller members of the brave new globally connected world village of politics, trade and culture, many Africans still remain naive as to the true dark agenda lurking behind the globalist green movement, and UN environmental conferences like Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

NeoLiberal and European progressives have long worked to portray their environmental politics as ‘utilitarian’, in other words, they claim to be advocating policies that provide “the greatest good for the greatest number of people”.

Their illusion of a future Utopia is based on global ‘green’ policies carefully constructed and groomed over the last 30 years, an ideology that hit its stride at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – and event led by UN and globalist operators Maurice Strong and Al Gore. Green tsars introduced global warming as their main binding cause which the progressive social democracies of the world could rally around in order for the global elite to expedite their new green agenda. The UN’s Agenda 21 initiative was also put into play at the same time, a UN program that is currently being rolled out not just in Africa, but also in Europe, North America, Australia and every other nation who is willing to comply.

The NeoColonial shape of this new ‘green’ agenda came into full view for the first time in 2009 at the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit as the infamous Danish Text Leak story broke detailing a secret US-European agreement would disband the old Kyoto Protocol‘s original plan to have so called ‘developed’ nations like the US and Europe foot the bill for global emissions reductions, opting instead for poorer nations – like those in Africa, to not only foot the costs, but also suffer draconian restrictions on development and industry – effectively keeping them in the globalists’ economic cellar for the next 200 years. The clandestine elite western circle of green tsars also compiled a secret draft plan which would hand their new-found control of global “climate change finance” to none other than the World Bank. This would be the first lever of control in a new World Government.

The leak sent shock waves through the Copenhagen Summit and prompted numerous developing countries to withdraw from signing on to Europe’s binding agenda. This was the day the world got its first view of the true intentions behind decades of lobbying about global warming and climate change, and the UN’s obsession with implementing an international green agenda. Because of its exposure in 2009, their plan was put on hold, but it is now emerging through other globalist channels.

The failing mythology constructed around the sensational threat of global warming and climate change has made it more difficult to sell the global elite’s overall green agenda, but the designers of World Government have not lost their determination. Despite its quick start out of the gates in 2004, the IPCC’s alleged “scientific consensus” fell prey to its own hubris and scandals like Climategate exposed the lack of science and manipulation of climate data which ultimately discredited all of its apocalyptic claims. But their achilles heel is being exposed: frustrated by the public’s resistance to believe in a faith-based climate ideology, hard-core green activists are becoming more open about what lays behind their Utopian green agenda – their true ideology being that of population reduction.   

As the UN’s Rio+20 Climate Summit approaches on June 20-22, 2012, the globalist green cabal have regrouped and re-spun previous incarnations of their binding international treaty – moving away from the failed Carbon trading model, and more overtly towards social engineering. In the process, elite academics and social engineers, led by Great Britain’s Royal Society, have been forced to fast-track the public unveiling of their eugenics-based case for a Global Government administrated green agenda.

In their own words: “Economic and environmental catastrophes unavoidable unless rich countries cut consumption and global population stabilises. World population needs to be stabilised quickly and high consumption in rich countries rapidly reduced to avoid “a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills”, warns a major report from the Royal Society, reported by the Guardian’s John Vidal today.

Writer Ben Pile of Climate Resistance also exposed the elite’s obsession with malthusian population reduction today:

“The Royal Society has embraced Malthus, just as it has embraced the malthusians. And in doing so, the Royal Society abandons its claim to be a scientific authority. It has embraced a particular ideology… a nasty, anti-human perspective on the world. The object of its ‘science’ is now the human world, and control over it. Science has nothing to say about the rights and wrongs of inequality, the rights of women, and the material entitlements of people. And only a fool could think that science could make such an argument. The plight of poor people, and people who live without the freedom to determine their own future are not the concern of people who hide their politics behind ‘science’. In their narrative, the Royal Society make instrumental use of the poor, to make a political argument for their own ends. Just as Malthus did.”

If readers are not convinced as to the genuine eugenics obsession of those running Rio+20 and their academic cadres, they could pay attention to the twisted and quite deceptive arguments that are now being aired in plain view. It seems that Western elites are now blaming third world countries like Africa for their past environmental crimes – even though past ecological disasters have been almost exclusively carried out by European and American transnational corporations. Case in point:

“John Sulston’s committee argues that the more people there are and the richer they are, the more resources they consume. True. But it does not follow that the damage they do to the planet is greater. In important ways it gets less. Why are many ecological and conservation problems worse in poor countries? Haiti is 98% deforested, and parts of Africa are seeing the devastation of wildlife populations, whereas in Europe and North America, forest cover is increasing, rivers and lakes are getting cleaner and deer numbers are rising… Above all, economic growth leads to a more sparing use of the most important of all resources – land.”

Matt Ridley, The Guardian, 26 April 2012

As history dictates, any economic or social decrees coming from Europe and North America will press downwards on Africa, so people in Africa should be under no illusion as to what Europeans mean when they talk about ‘population reduction’.

They are coming.

Their target is Africa first, and the rest of us in due time. 




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