A survey from a leading think tank has revealed that an overwhelming majority of conservative-minded students believe Britain’s universities hold a “clear and extreme bias” against support for both Brexit and conservative views, and suppress their political beliefs for fear of putting their careers at risk.

The Bow Group, the United Kingdom’s oldest conservative think tank, conducted a survey in partnership with Conservative Progress of more than 400 conservative students in Britain. They found that 81 per cent do not believe that the subject of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) is taught in an impartial manner, and of those, 97 per cent said they believed lecturing was negative towards Brexit.

A large number, 85 per cent, also said they believe the public has a right to know what content is being taught and the level of bias with which it is being taught.

This comes following outrage in the establishment media and liberal-dominated academia over Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris‘s attempt to research the level of anti-Brexit bias in Britain’s higher education institutions leading to accusations of him being a “McCarthyite”.

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