In the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein debacle, the FBI declassified and released a trove of documents about “The Finders.”

And unlike the recent largely redacted and deleted Epstein document release, the FBI Finder’s documents provide more clues into an alleged international child trafficking operation reportedly covered up by the State Department and FBI.

The Finders were led by a mysterious character known as Marion Pettie, aka The Game Caller, a spiritual leader professing futurism and cybernetics, similar to the interests of Jeffrey Epstein.

The documents also reveal a number of companies possibly tied to the Finders.

The companies are Finders Transnational, General Scientific Corporation, The Information Bank, Future Enterprises, Women’s Networking Service and another, which is redacted.

Information like that of the Finder’s documents has been made possible by unrelenting FOIA requests and is only the tip of the iceberg.

Slowly but surely, the puzzle pieces are being put back together and will eventually reveal to the public the lowliest forms of evil that inhabit the highest positions of power on planet Earth.

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