Kurt Nimmo
October 19, 2008

Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Republican from Minnesota, is a windbag filled with meaningless rhetoric. In the video here, she beats the false left-right paradigm drum incessantly, calling into question the patriotism of liberals. The sliced and diced video was posted by Think Progress, that is to say Think Democrat, so a very large grain of salt is mandatory.

Even so, Bachmann’s line of critique is so tedious and threadbare, it is an embarrassment. She denounces Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as “anti-American” liberals. But what she means is they do not belong to the bankrupt and sold down the river Republican-neocon faction of the one party system.

Democrats do not differ significantly from Republicans except on a few minor social issues. Both are bought and sold like Saturday evening whores to transnational corporate and banking interests. Both support attacking small and defenseless countries under false pretense, engaging in mass murder in the process. Both are complicit in undermining and dismantling piecemeal the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Both are for open borders. Both plot against the national sovereignty of the country they claim to represent.

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In a way, though, Ms. Bachmann is right, although it is doubtful she realizes it — there should indeed be an investigation into the anti-American activities of members of Congress, not simply on the part of Democrats but Republicans as well. Bachmann apparently wants to model this investigation after the one conducted by Senator Joe McCarthy.

Joe declared the presence of communists in the federal government, including the State Department, the administration of Truman, Voice of America, and the United States Army. Joe, however, had it wrong — it wasn’t textbook “Reds” sent by Stalin that had infiltrated the government, it was the banksters from Wall Street. The international financiers Carnegie, Paul Warburg, Otto Kahn, Bernard Baruch, and Herbert Hoover associated with Lord Milner and the Round Table Group created Soviet Marxism, a fact revealed by the Reece Committee.

As Antony C. Sutton has documented, J.P. Morgan, T. W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, and other industrial and banking interests also subsidized the rise of Hitler and Nazism.

Any investigation proposed by Michele Bachmann should rightfully cover this territory and also reveal how the international bankers and their minions are in control of the government today. It should investigate the Nazi connections of George W. Bush’s family.

But then Bachmann, like her ideological twin, Sarah Palin, is clueless. She is an intellectual featherweight who gets her ideas from midnight readings of “Neocons for Dummies” and thus was easily picked apart by Obama partisan Chris Matthews.

No new McCarthy investigation will be forthcoming.

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