While President Obama claimed before his State of The Union Speech that there are no terror threats to the US, it has become apparent that his administration is actively stonewalling an investigation into hundreds of suspected terrorists ALREADY within the country.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Leading senators on Monday petitioned multiple Obama administration agencies to stop stonewalling a congressional investigation into the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals implicated in terrorist operations after legally entering the United States, according to a copy of the letters.”

The Beacon also reported that 41 foreign-born individuals who legally entered the United States have been arrested for planning multiple terror attacks.

isis-us-flag-verticalThe report notes that Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) have been attempting for months to prize information out of the White House regarding the potential terrorists.

“The American people are entitled to information on the immigration history of terrorists seeking to harm them,” Cruz and Sessions wrote to the secretaries of State and Homeland Security and the attorney general.

The Senators have been able to determine that around a dozen of the suspected terrorists were able to enter the US legally as refugees.

“Many more came through other immigration programs,” they wrote. “A number of immigrant terrorists were even approved for citizenship. Others are the U.S.-born children of foreign migrants whose presence in the country would not be possible but for the immigration of their parents.”

Some of the suspects are thought to be planning attacks inside the US, while others are providing support to ISIS.

The Senators lamented that the Obama administration is “continuing to stonewall the request even after a follow-up letter was sent subsequent to the San Bernardino terrorist attack.”

Astoundingly, the administration still has not provided immigration details of the two terrorists who perpetrated that attack.

Meanwhile, in happy fantasy head-in-the-sand land, Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer on the morning of the SoTU speech that he is proud that the United States is not facing any “existential threat” in the final year of his presidency.

“It is sometimes important for people to step back and measure how far we’ve come,” Obama argued. “The economy right now is better than any other economy in the world by a significant margin. We remain the strongest nation on earth by far and there are no existential threats facing us.” […]

To clarify, Lauer asked about threats posed by by ISIS and other radical islamist terror groups, asking whether Obama believed his children will be “living in a world that is dealing with the threat of radical Islam on a daily basis?”

“I am absolutely confident we will have defeated ISIL,” Obama responded, without referring to the terror group as the JV squad.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com.

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