US military recruitment offices in Tampa, Florida, have been ordered to evacuate due to an unspecified threat, reports claim.

“All recruitment centers in the Tampa area have been ordered to evacuate due to threats that there will be shootings. Info from a recruiter,” Georgia resident Jeff Hanson stated in a tweet.

Attempts by Infowars to contact at least four different military bases in the area, including the Marine Corps, Air Force and Naval recruitment offices, for confirmation went unanswered.

Infowars has also attempted to reach out to various recruitment centers in the nearby towns of St. Petersberg and Clearwater to no avail.

According to a text sent to Hanson by his son, who lives with a recruiter in the Tampa area, recruiters have been “ordered to leave the office.”

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An Infowars listener on the ground in Tampa provided these photos of empty or closed recruitment centers in the area.





Speaking with Sgt. Miranda, listed on the door of the Marine Corps recruitment office, Infowars was provided with information to a public affairs contact and told that they would be able to “talk about the incident that took place today.”

As yet, Infowars has been unable to reach the contact provided, and has repeatedly been met with a message stating the intended voice mailbox is full.

The alleged evacuations follow last week’s shooting at two different recruiting centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which left five military recruiters dead.

During a conversations with staffers in Austin earlier this week, Infowars Joe Biggs was told directly that recruiting centers in Las Vegas, Florida and San Marcos, TX had all received violent threats since the attack.

More on this as it develops.

Infowars investigative reporter Mikael Thalen also contributed to this report.

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