Planned Parenthood has hired a private investigator to “stalk” one of the producers responsible for creating the undercover sting videos alleging to document their illegal sale of aborted fetal tissue, the founder of the organization which created the damning videos claims.

David Daleidan, the head of the non-profit, pro-life Center for Medical Progress, said in a Facebook post yesterday that he recently encountered a female private investigator “prowling around the front door” of his apartment, adding that she had been “stalking” his family and friends “for the past 4 weeks.”

A photo posted to Facebook by Daleidan shows a business card from Larsen AVR Group Inc., a private investigation firm based in Pasadena, California.


Daleidan wrote:

This is Lynda Larsen, the private investigator that Planned Parenthood hired to stalk me, my friends, and our family members for the past 4 weeks. I caught her prowling around the front door of my apartment when I got home this evening (yes, she was shocked I knew who she was) and told her to leave or I would call the police. Not sure how she got through the security gates all around the perimeter. I won’t be calling her, but you can feel free to. Next time, Planned Parenthood should have the guts (maybe they can procure some?) to debate their ‪#‎PPSellsBabyParts‬ scandal in public instead of stalking us and our family members, or at least hire someone less obvious. ‪#‎notallundercoveragents‬ 

Daleiden and his organization have been instrumental in starting the debate to defund Planned Parenthood at the congressional level, releasing numerous videos which allege to illustrate how the abortion provider and its affiliates knowingly traffic human organs, in direct violation of federal law.

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