FOX Business correspondent Charles Gasparino contends “Dem Party sources” are telling him former president Obama is anxious about the possibility of a President Bernie Sanders, and he may soon intervene.

Other unnamed sources, meanwhile, claim Gasparino’s “Dem Party sources” are full of baloney.

Gasparino posted to Twitter Thursday morning:

SCOOP: Dem Party sources who have spoken w @BarackObama say former prez is growing increasingly anxious about @BernieSanders rise in the national polls & where the avowed socialist would take the country; he is considering a public statement addressing it more now @FoxBusiness

About a half hour later, former MSNBC anchor David Shuster chimed in.

“Sorry @CGasparino. Democratic party sources who have spoken with @BarackObama tell me your ‘scoop is absolute BS.’ And given your past, I’m certain my sources are correct and yours are made up.

“I’ll publicly name my sources if you name yours. #Democcrats2020,” Shuster wrote.

Norm Pattis joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the atrocities done to Owen Shroyer silently protesting in D.C. and Mike Adams having his site taken down by a secret federal court order.

Who will win the Twitter faceoff is anyone’s guess. But both men have long careers in media that span decades at numerous outlets, both liberal and conservative. Both men have also won recognition and praise for their work.

Gasparino elaborated on the Obama scoop on Thursday during appearance on FOX Business’ Cavuto Coast-To-Coast.

“He may speak up, is what we’re hearing,” Gasparino said. “Hearing it’s not definite, but …

“Now, we should point out a little background. President Obama, former president, hasn’t said much about the campaign since November. I think in November he came out with Democratic donors and said, I’m going to paraphrase but, the party is going too far to the left. ..,” he continued.

“It was basically veiled attack against Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.”

“Now, as Bernie Sanders rises in the national polls, some polls even beating Joe Biden – his former vice president, from what I understand from people who have spoken with Obama is he’s getting increasingly anxious and you may see soon another statement of that type or maybe even something a little more direct attacking Sanders,” Gasparino told Cavuto.

“I don’t think he’ll go as far as that, but from what I’m hearing from folks that have spoken with Obama is he is really worried about Sanders. It is a bridge too far, given all his policies, and his temperament,” Gasparino said.

“Hillary Clinton said this to a Hollywood reporter, that no one could work with him. I can tell you that’s along the lines of what President Obama thinks. He’s a very difficult guy to work for,” he said.

Gasparino also offered his analysis of the situation.

“If he’s worried about Sanders now, he’s thinking that he could be the Democratic nominee,” he told Cavuto.

Gasparino contends his sources are concerned about Joe Biden’s capacity and stamina to make it through the general election.

“It’s a huge implosion of the Democratic Party coalition,” he said of the shifting political landscape on the left. “It used to be … working class whites, liberal whites, African Americans …”

“It’s not that anymore,” Cavuto chimed in.

“Woke millennial whites, who are far more liberal than anybody in the country, are taking this party and turning it upside down,” Gasparino said.

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