Trump Tower in Chicago received a letter contained white powder that threatened to assassinate President Trump, according to police.

Local reports claim the presence of the white substance prompted hazmat to be called in on Tuesday.

The Chicago Fire Department was on the scene investigating the letter.

Trump has frequented his Chicago tower many times but never lived there.

This isn’t the first time threatening letters containing unknown substances were sent to the Trump family.

Last year, Eric Trump told Hannity that his family had been sent packages of “white powder.”

“I’ve been threatened,” Eric Trump said in August. “Our family’s been threatened. All of us. We’ve all had white powder show up at our house.”

And months prior to that, Don Jr. had also been sent a threatening letter containing a white powder, resulting in the hospitalization of his now ex-wife Vanessa as a precautionary measure.

Don’t expect the MSM to report on this, as it runs counter to their narrative that conservatives are violent and leftists are peaceful.

Alex Jones unleashes full fury in defense of our God given rights. Revelation, the mark of the beast, one world government: the end times are here, and nothing fuels the fire for liberty and restoring America’s true, enlightened destiny like tyrants trying to control the minds of men and women.

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