Roger Stone has sensationally claimed he was poisoned by political enemies who wanted to kill him before he could ‘debunk’ their ‘lie’ that he knew Russians would hack the US election.

The longtime Trump supporter claimed to have been told by doctors that a mysterious and debilitating virus he was suddenly struck with in December was in fact polonium poisoning.

At the time, Stone had just been accused by the Obama administration of having prior knowledge Vladimir Putin was planning to meddle in the election.

He says the poisoning was an attempt to stop him from testifying at a Congressional Hearing where he claimed he could prove the accusation was a lie.

‘I believe I was poisoned to stop me from exposing the Russian Hacking LIE b4 the Congressional Investigation,’ Stone, 64, told his Twitter followers.

Appearing on fellow Trump loyalist Alex Jones’s Info Wars earlier, he said he was targeted by the ‘deep state’ who wanted to stop him from revealing the truth.

‘I became extremely ill. This manifested itself in over 14 days of high fever, delirium, night sweats, I had lesions on my chest and my face…

‘The general consensus is I was poisoned. I was poisoned with polonium or a substance that has the characteristics of polonium and this made me exceedingly ill,’ he said.

During a visit to Trump Tower on December 6, Stone had several small cuts to his face and neck.

While admitting he is an ‘enemy’ of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Stone said neither the couple nor the Russians were responsible for the apparent attempt on his life.

Failing to specify any specific culprit, he said: ‘I come back to the deep state, I come back to our own people.

‘This is about stopping the Trump agenda. I would blow the whistle on this whole bogus Russian narrative that they just won’t let go of,’ he said.

Polonium is a rare and highly radioactive chemical. It was used in the 2006 murder of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko who is believed to have been slipped the substance in a cup of tea.

His death sparked a lengthy inquiry but was later determined to have been likely ordered by Putin’s regime because he was acting as a double agent.

Traces of polonium were also found on the clothes and personal effects of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat who died in 2004.

Stone claims he was targeted as a ‘whistle blower’ who could pull apart claims made by Democrats that he and other members of Trump’s closest circle were working alongside the Kremlin to hack Hillary Clinton’s team.

A focal point of his book, The Making of The President: How Donald Trump Orchestrated A Revolution, is his ‘debunking’ of the theory.

Stone describes it as a ‘direct refutation’ of claims made by Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, arguably the most violated victim of the hack who saw thousands of personal and work emails pillaged by hackers and then released by WikiLeaks in the weeks before the election.

President Obama accused Putin of ordering the hack late last year and ordered a Congressional Hearing into it but Trump has never squarely laid blame with the Russians.

He has tirelessly denied working with Putin or his regime and most recently furiously rejected claims he frolicked with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel – an allegation included in a ‘dirty dossier’ produced by a British spy.

‘I think it is a disgrace that information was let out. It is all fake news. It is phony stuff. It didn’t happen,’ Trump said of the allegation.

The hearing took place on January 5 where intelligence chiefs shared their beliefs the hack could have been organized by senior Kremlin officials.

Senators called for tougher cyber-security protections to prevent future hacks.

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