Appearing on One America News Network Tuesday, Washington Free Beacon writer Adam Kredo dropped a timely reminder that fake evidence was likely planted on servers at Trump tower to make it appear that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russian entities.

“It wasn’t very well reported, the Department of Justice revealed just last week that in fact some of these ties that they had witnessed between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities in fact, were stooged,” Kredo said, discussing the FBI’s investigation and James Comey’s testimony before Congress.

“What that means is that there was malware on some of these computers that were mimicking contact between these entities, in what looks like an attempt to put Trump in a tight position, and in fact lead to claims that there was some sort of collusion.” Kredo noted.

“The more evidence that comes out, the more we are seeing that these claims were either manufactured, or like the officials said today, intelligence was released in a partial fashion, and some of that intelligence, as they said on the hill, was ‘dead wrong’. the writer added.

What Kredo is referring to is that it appears a ‘false flag’ cyber operation may have been conducted by intelligence operatives to make it appear that Trump was in contact with Russian entities, thus justifying ‘wiretapping’ communications coming from Trump tower.

As Infowars reported earlier this month, the Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ documents revealed that this process is something that the CIA has been actively working on for some time.

A CIA project identified as “Umbrage,” maintained a substantial library of Russian cyber-attack techniques “stolen” from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

Reports dating back to last Summer indicated that computer experts working for the US government identified what they thought was malware emanating from Russia. One destination domain,, stuck out because the conspiracy theory of Trump colluding with Russia was already being heavily floated by Hillary operatives and parroted by the mainstream media.

The malware appeared to have been connected to two Russian banks – Alfa Bank and SVB Bank, and was suggested to be proof of secretive communications, or possible illegal banking activity.

Many believe that this spurred the Obama administration to obtain FISA permission to conduct electronic surveillance, directed at ‘the Russians’ in communication with Trump tower.

In other words, there is significant evidence to suggest that the CIA could have planted information as a means of deceiving the NSA into believing Trump and Russian entities were communicating.

Even though the FBI found no evidence for any of the accusations, an investigation still appears to have been continued. The domain turned out to not even be owned by Trump.

The entire story has already been thoroughly debunked.

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