In June of 2015, Donald J. Trump rode down the golden escalators of Trump Tower in New York City and announced his intention to run for President of the United States. Shortly thereafter, on the popular news aggregation website Reddit, r/The_Donald was born.

It quickly became a favorite hangout for influencers, politicians, pundits, gamers, trolls, and your average, everyday Trump supporter. The burgeoning online community was vibrant, engaged, and vocal; it was, in many ways, the digital embodiment of America’s enthusiasm for the alternative to establishment politics that Trump represented.

The Donald had it all under one roof.

What made The Donald unique was that—cloistered in the world of Reddit—none of the negative coverage or misrepresentations of the mainstream media were ever able to dampen the spirits of its members. While the members of r/politics (another popular group) would lose their collective minds about every new piece of fake news, The Donald was steadfast—busy mocking each and every person who dared to stand against their leader, who users lovingly referred to as “The God-Emperor Trump.”

It was a rowdy, nonstop Trump extravaganza, replete with dank memes, “redpills” (a reference to taking the red pill in The Matrix), testimonials, campaigns, and encouragement for those doing great work in the online world. A profound sense of community and camaraderie was fostered by this atmosphere that is rarely seen online. The Donald grew at breakneck speed; quickly growing to more than 760,000 members. The fellowship was strong and the mission was clear: get Donald Trump elected to the White House.

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Carpe Donktum: China Bought Reddit To Censor The Donald

Carpe Donktum joins Alex Jones to break down why one of China’s government-controlled companies, Tencent, invested millions in Reddit. He explains how Reddit uses its platform to isolate and censor particular political points of view.


Carpe Donktum joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the Chinese Communists buying Reddit to manipulate future US elections.

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