Senator Rand Paul reacted to Ted Cruz’s announcement that he would run for president by declaring that he is the only Republican candidate that could beat Hillary Clinton in a potential 2016 run off.

“My polling – the polling that’s out there so far – nobody is doing better against Hillary Clinton than myself because we’re already picking up three to five per cent or more of the independent vote above what the others are picking up,” Paul told Fox News, adding, “Right now, I’m the only one that beats Hillary Clinton in certain purple states, I’m the only one that also scores above all the other Republicans in whether or not I could beat her.”

A Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Paul scoring highest out of all the Republican candidates against Hillary Clinton in a head to head match up.

A CNN/ORC poll also shows that Paul would be the Republicans’ best hope of defeating Clinton, with 43% saying they would back him compared to 40 per cent for Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, and 41% for Mike Huckabee.

Paul pushed the point, asserting that Republican candidates had to “aggressively go after the Clintons” and expose Hillary’s hypocrisy on women’s rights.

“I think we need to go after their corruption. I think we need to call her out for not being a consistent defender of women’s rights when she’s willing to take money from a country that actually would imprison a victim of rape,” said the Senator.

Paul responded to a Real Clear Politics poll showing him in 5th place amongst the Republican candidates by citing a different poll which had him tied with Walker and Bush in the top tier.

The Kentucky Senator suggested that he would be much more successful than Cruz in a national election because of his wider appeal to independents and his outreach attempts to bring new people into the Republican Party.

“It isn’t just about rousing the base, it’s about exciting the base by being for the principles of liberty, but it’s then taking those principles of liberty, not diluting them, and taking them to new people and bringing them into the party – that’s the way you win general elections,” said Paul.

The Kentucky Senator is widely expected to announce his run for president on April 7.

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