A rail company in Liverpool, UK said it would remove posters advertising Morrissey’s new album after ONE offended idiot complained.

Unlike 99% of musicians, who are terrified of offending left-wing outrage mobs for fear of losing their careers, Morrissey has become increasingly outspoken about mass immigration in recent years.

He also threw his support behind the For Britain party because it is the only one in the UK to oppose the brutal Islamic practice of halal slaughter, where animals are tortured and slowly bled to death.

As we reported yesterday, this led to the oldest record store in the world permanently banning sales of Morrissey records.

Now Merseyrail has announced it will remove Morrissey posters, placed throughout its stations by a third party advertiser, because of a single complaint by a commuter who said he was “offended” by Morrissey’s views.

“[The things Morrissey has said] offend me and a lot of other people,” 32-year-old Jack Dotchin told the Echo. “He’s very far right these days, going on about immigrants and being pseudo-racist.”

“It’s just strange to think Merseyrail, being a public service for the people, is advertising someone with his views,” he added.

“Advertising on the Merseyrail network is managed by an external third party, who are currently in the process of removing these posters,” the company responded.

“Processes are in place for Merseyrail to approve any potentially contentious material prior to it appearing on the network, however due to the nature of this advertisement it did not reach a level of verification.”

The posters are not “political” at all – they merely advertise Morrissey’s latest album, which was released today.

Merseyrail also apologized “for any offense the publication of these posters may have caused”.

Are they going to apologize to me? I’m offended at their pathetic cowardice in rolling over in after a SINGLE complaint.

Morrissey is an icon who isn’t afraid to speak his mind in a world of sanctimonious, boring NPC leftist morons.

Our society is being ruled by whiny, self-victimized, virtue signalling crybabies – and corporations and governments are caving in to their every hysterical demand at the drop of a hat.

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