The Democrats want us all to believe that they are the voice of the American people, yet they openly despise at least half of the American people.

They rail against capitalism while leading a lifestyle of fat cat millionaires on the taxpayer’s dime.

On the other hand, the neutered Republicans play their part in the never-ending Hegelian Dialectic.

Meanwhile, the Executive Office refuses to enforce U.S. laws upon those that would unravel our Country, as if enforcing decades-old laws would appear dictatorial.

We the people gave you that power President Trump and we want you to use it.

Do you want to know what the American people are really saying?

The American people are fed up.

At the end of another typical long day at work to pay our taxes, Congress rewards the American people with intentional incompetence fueled by Globalism and synthesized to create the illusion that “We The People” are in control.

Aside from the Democrats and complacent Republicans creating a new precedent reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition to demonize, investigate and ban anyone that threatens their power, what has Congress accomplished in 2019?

Meanwhile, impeachment madness reigns supreme, corroding the Republic day after day while the people behind it would fare better in an old folks home or a mental institution rather than refusing to release their geriatric grasp of power to the next generation of American progress.

Face it, we are being ruled.

America no longer functions as a Republic.

It is a corporatocratic, globalist combine slowly being usurped by Jihad and Communism, the very thing we were warned about.

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