A small town in Texas known as a “speed trap” doesn’t have a prosecutor and relies on motorists to pay their tickets without challenging them in court, the city’s former judge admitted.

The former judge of Calvert, Texas, David Viscarde, said that small towns write so many tickets not only for the revenue but also because they know the vast majority of drivers who simply pay up have no idea that the towns are incapable of trying the cases.

“The mindset of most small towns — including Calvert, and I can only speak for Calvert — is, ‘After all, we’re only Calvert, who’s going to know?'” He told WFAA. “The problem is, I knew.”

He also said that Calvert has no desire to hire a prosecutor.

Calvert alone has over 5,000 traffic cases pending, yet the city only has a population of around 1,100.

Viscarde ultimately resigned in disgust because, in his own words, “their municipal court is their cash cow.”

“The pressure to collect revenues in Calvert — and probably other small towns in Texas — is excessive,” he also said. “And what happens is, you got judges like me who say they’ve got better things to do with my time.”

State and local governments combined make upwards of six billion dollars a year in ticket revenue, according to the National Motorist Association.

“The association recommends that drivers always fight their tickets and it even publishes a 250-page guide on how to do it,” Business Insider reported.

Especially because America’s highways are going to keep turning into a revenue-generating control grid.

“Back in the old days, the highways of America were great examples to the rest of the world of the tremendous liberties and freedoms that we enjoyed,” journalist Michael Snyder wrote on the subject. “Americans loved to hop into their vehicles and take a drive, but now government is sucking all of the fun out of driving.”

“The control freak bureaucrats that dominate our political system have figured out that giant piles of money can be raised by turning our roads into revenue-raising tools.”

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