Update: The employee has been “removed from any ongoing GAO work and cut off from access to GAO equipment,” according to GAO Managing Director, Public Affairs.

A United States GAO (Government Accountability Office) auditor claims to spend hours doing social media work for Democratic Socialists of America while on the clock and says, “I break rules every day.”

According to the latest Project Veritas undercover report, Natarajan Subramanian is an auditor for the GAO and a member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Subramanian is open about his political beliefs, as well as how they affect his work within the government, admitting, “If you’re in [an] executive branch agency you can slow ball things to a degree, that it’s like ineffective, and maybe you get in trouble, or maybe you get fired or resign or whatever, but you slowed [Trump’s agenda] down for a certain period of time.”

In addition to purposely sabotaging the Trump administration’s agenda, Subramanian does work for the DSA while receiving a paycheck funded by U.S. tax dollars.

“Everything that I’m doing with DSA is stuff that I’m not supposed to be doing for work… it’s explicitly prohibited. If they find out I could get in trouble, basically,” he shamelessly bragged.

In one workday, the GAO auditor allegedly spent “six hours doing social media for DSA.”

Describing the political ideology of his comrades at the DSA, Subramanian said, “We have a bunch of just communists, like no prefix, and that’s basically me. We [also] have some folks who are Trotskyists or Leninists.”

Project Veritas reports, “One of these Metro DC DSA members, according to Subramanian, works for the Department of Defense and has a Top Secret clearance in order to work on ‘…war planning stuff,’ regarding Syria.”

Subramanian was well aware that he’d likely be fired if he was caught, saying, “I would get fired if they knew that I was [engaging in DSA activity at work,] and I do. I do it on my phone.” He continued, “… I break rules every day, at any point I can get fired for what I do with DSA.”

After being exposed, he likely will be fired but what about the other DSA members in government positions such as the alleged DOD employee?

Project Veritas seems to have only revealed the tip of the Communist iceberg, as Subramanian indicates, “…a fair number of DSA employees are federal DSA people are federal employees… you see people from various agencies, usually executive branch.”

All three Deep State Unmasked videos released by Project Veritas this week have garnered responses from the Department of Justice and the Department of State.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Laura Ingraham Wednesday night that the Department of State is “taking a look” into employee Stuart Karaffa who pledged to, “Resist everything. Every level. F*** sh*t up.”

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