Project Veritas released undercover footage showing Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry explain how teacher unions prevent teachers who physically abuse children from being fired.

“I’m gonna strongly advise… [if] the kid’s gonna turn around and say ‘Well [the teacher] threatened me….’ I can say ‘No. No no no. On March 22nd, the day after the incident, [the teacher] came over to me and told me [what happened.] And we just wanted to put it on record so that nothing more would come about it,'” he told a PV operative.

“We do turn [these reports] around to where, if it was a physical punch, it wasn’t a punch. It was a shove. It covers [the teacher!] Because he came in and reported it right away and that he was afraid… but here’s what happened. Everything else is bullsh*t.”

“I need to know the truth, so that we can bend the truth,” he added.

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