According to the Forward Progressives website, Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance in November. He will be bested by Clinton, that is if she’s not indicted.

Allen Clifton writes that Democrats are working feverishly behind the scenes to make sure Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will be Clinton’s running mate.

While the prospect is hardly news, Clifton notes deal maker Senator Harry Reid is working to put tougher a Clinton-Warren ticket.

“In fact, he’s already been looking at scenarios and rules for filling a U.S. Senate vacancy to replace Warren should the pair emerge victorious in November,” Clifton writes.

This was reported by The Boston Globe last week. “Warren, who is highly popular among Democratic liberals, would provide an immediate boost to Clinton by shoring up her left flank after the prolonged and divisive fight with Vermont democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for the nomination.”

There are problems with this “dream ticket,” however. One problem is a possible affirmative action concerning Warren’s preposterous claim she is Native American.

The other is the rancor among many Democrats. They dislike Clinton and rightly see her as a sell-out to Wall Street and the bankers. Adding Warren to the ticket might destroy her anti-Wall Street cred and not do the trick of rallying Democrats behind Clinton. Warren herself may realize this threat and decline. She has thus far not backed Clinton’s bid.

Moroever, while the addition of Warren may energize progressive Democrats, it will undoubtedly alienate so-called centrists in the party who see Warren as a loose cannon and a too-far-to-the-left ideologue.

There’s more. It’s no secret presidential elections are bought and sold affairs. All one need do is look at Clinton’s contributors—large banks and corporations. If she picks Warren, many may head over to the Trump camp or work in other ways to undermine the ticket.

In addition, Warren will not simply be a seat warmer like Joe Biden. She will demand concessions before her name is placed on the ticket. For instance, naming her leftist allies to key positions in the Treasury, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Federal Election Commission, and—the big enchilada—the Federal Reserve. The establishment will never allow this to happen, especially over at the private bankster cartel owned Fed.

Finally, Clinton may reject Warren as VP out of hand.

Michael Tomasky at The Daily Caller: “I think I know how Clinton thinks. The first thing she’s going to think is the responsible thing, i.e., would I be comfortable making this person the president should something happen to me? And because of Warren’s near-complete lack of interest in foreign policy, Clinton may well answer that question no.”

Forward Progressive may see this as a dream ticket, but chances are good the establishment believes they can beat Trump in other ways, for instance frightening a highly excitable Bernie crowd into backing Clinton by drumming up a whole lot of scary anti-Trump propaganda.

Susan Sarandon may be sharp and realize Clinton is a tool of the neocons, but most Democrats are not as politically attuned. They are highly susceptible when the Republican vs. Democrat game is played.

The false left-right paradigm, however, may not be enough the stampede them into Clinton’s corner or sufficient to dull the anti-establishment fervor sweeping the country.

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