Pro-America posters popped up outside the headquarters of the Council of Foreign Relations, a globalist organization which opposes much of President Trump’s America First agenda:

The CFR, which had influence over US foreign policy under the Obama administration, promotes a “liberal international order” and has been compared to a “shadow government” by observers who say the think tank has effectively welded major influence over the shape of international policy over the past several decades.

Here, former presidential candidate Ron Paul explains his views on the CFR:

Help Defend Free Speech & The Marketplace of Open Debate

We’re offering $5000 for the top effort to strategically place posters in a lawful, public commons area and film its placement.

Send a link to your video entry to [email protected] by Monday, June 10, at Midnight CDT.

Additionally, we’re offering $1000 for Second Place and $500 for Third Place:

First Place: $5000

Second Place: $1000

Third Place: $500

We want to shed light on digital censorship with this new poster campaign – while giving you a concrete chance to take part in the resistance.

This is a package deal and the video presentation and its overall aesthetics are as important as the graphical impact of the poster and its message.

Here’s an entry to the contest. But don’t just watch it! Submit a link to your published video today at [email protected] by Monday, June 10, at Midnight CDT:

Please remember to abide by all local ordinances and other relevant laws when displaying your posters. A good rule of thumb is to post them in entertainment, eatery and bar areas where other posters may be posted.

You can create your own poster or use ours (links to poster-sized images below). But if you use your own poster, remember to include the address.

Send a link to your video entry to [email protected] by Monday, June 10, at Midnight CDT. We will post entries to that put in good effort.

Take back your rights to free speech.

Here’s poster designs you can print out and post in your area.

Click to enlarge for a printable version, and then right-click ‘Save Image As…’ to save it to your computer and print copies.

And here are a few vintage poster designs:

Below is a video of Kaitlin Bennett hanging up a poster, and showing why it’s critical to educate everyone on the importance of free speech:

Post photos of your efforts on social media under the hashtag #FreeInfowars or #IamAlexJones.

Remember to place them in legal and lawful areas and abide by all local ordinances when displaying your posters. Some places you might post them include entertainment venues, eateries, bars or other public commons areas where posters are already featured.

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