A Planned Parenthood-commissioned study may show that its ongoing fetal harvesting scandal is nothing but a smear job, a handful of unquestioning newsrooms reported last week.

Fusion GPS has been tapped by the “women’s health organization” with the job of downplaying a series of secretly taped videos showing Planned Parenthood affiliates discussing salvaging organs from the remains of aborted children.

The undercover tapes, which were recorded and produced by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life activist group, have been “selectively edited” and poorly transcribed, the research firm claimed, repeating what has so far been Planned Parenthood’s go-to defense. The study comes after Planned Parenthood executives have argued at length that nothing said on tape is really scandalous or untoward.

Politico added language in its write-up of the study that seemingly aimed to legitimize the nature of the Planned Parenthood-commissioned report.

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