Aaron Dykes
August 9, 2010

Yet another search term announced during the Alex Jones Show, “Barry Soetoro” has topped Google Trends’ hot searches, and that means a boost to exposing important keys to President Obama’s true history. The #1 search trend corresponds with a visit to Austin, Texas today from President Barack Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro.

This is yet another success for our active listeners which will help to expose the truth about the President’s deeply-buried past. It will further drive Internet readers to Paul Joseph Watson’s vital article, “Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama’s Political Dynasty Crashes And Burns” which exposes the desperate state of his failing administration, now posting the lowest approval rating for any president in history at this point in his term.

Like previous searches for “The Obama Deception,” “Poison Tap Water,” “The Ultimate Secret,” “Google Spies,” and “Brain Eating Vaccines,” Infowars listeners have driven the term “Barry Soetoro” into the mainstream.

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The question of President Obama’s legitimacy is indeed a legitimate question. But exposing “Barry Soetoro” means more than questioning Obama’s birthplace; it also means exposing the CIA and intelligence ties to the President, his mother and others in his family. It means educating people that he legally changed his name to “Barry Soetoro” and became an Indonesian citizen, and that no records in the public domain show that he ever changed his name or citizenship back. There is a reason that Obama’s first official act as president on January 21, 2009 was to seal the release of his records with an executive order.

President Obama, and more importantly the powerful globalists who control him, have sought to censor, block and limit dissent throughout his presidency. They have attempted to shut down films like The Obama Deception and critics like Phil J. Berg, who brought a lawsuit challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold office. But with continued efforts from activists, the truth will emerge after all.

Phil Berg: The Latest on Lawsuit Showing “Barry Soetoro” is Obama’s Legal Name – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Phil Berg: The Latest on Lawsuit Showing “Barry Soetoro” is Obama’s Legal Name – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

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