Portland-based rock band, Portugal. the Man, has released a new pro-communist music video that features a burning “Info Wars” mock newspaper and an embedded “toolkit” for budding social justice warriors.

Click here to skip to the Infowars newspaper burning scene.

The fully-interactive version of the video is encrypted with 30 “easter eggs” that connect the viewer to a variety of intertwined globalist groups and organizations, backed by the likes of George Soros, Big Tech, big banks, big unions, big corporations, and the big foundations – a fully AstroTurf “movement” designed to draw in subversive radicals and the impressionable and hopelessly idealistic alike.

The “tools for resistance” include links to “Aid Refugees,” “Give to Planned Parenthood,” “Fund the ACLU,” “Combat Climate Change,” “Save the EPA, “Call the White House,” “Understand Your Protest Rights,” “Push For Gun Control,” “Protect People In the Shadows,” and “Support Black Lives Matter.”

During the bridge of the song, a character is depicted reading an “Info Wars” newspaper that’s in flames. The easter egg hidden in this scene is a call to “Fight Fake News” and links to AdStrike.us, a site that encourages users to target advertisers on Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Report, and other major alternative media outlets, for boycotting, harassment, and protest.

The AdStrike mission explanation begins –

“Here’s the problem: Websites like Breitbart, the Drudge Report, Infowars etc. played a huge part in promoting deception, hate speech and fake news during the election.”

“Like most media companies, they survive on advertising revenue. Oftentimes, companies don’t even know that they’re showing up on these websites, because of semi-opaque and automated ad bidding systems.”

The video is packed with Marxist propaganda, including the communist/black power “clenched fist” salute, a symbolic “capitalist pig,” footage of protesters chanting “fight back!” in mindless call-and-repeat style, and the overall dystopian theme intended to depict “life under Trump” – but looking far more like the rotting socialist hellholes of Cuba or Venezuela.

The direct attack on Infowars is made all the more obvious by the featured thumbnail image for the video –

AdWeek writes, “Other images include… a Sikh man burning a newspaper titled Info Wars, named after the alt-right radio show that helped consolidate Trump’s base.”

Wieden+Kennedy, the advertising agency behind the creation of the video, elaborates on the presentation’s messaging –

“If you’re just sitting there feeling helpless while Western civilization crumbles around you, you should watch Portugal. The Man’s interactive music video for their new single, ‘Feel It Still.’ What seems to be just another parade of rock-and-roll excess actually contains a hidden toolkit for #theresistance, featuring 30 ways to help fight injustice and apathy.”

“This project came at an interesting time where music and culture and politics are coming together in a way we haven’t seen in decades,” says Jason Kreher, the video’s creative director. “We loved the idea of presenting the apathetic, decadent rebel just for kicks from the song against a hidden message of resistance… you know, like a ‘this is for the people out there who are still feeling something; here is a real, practical laundry list of ways you can get out there and fight injustice.’”

Che Guevara and Karl Marx are proudly smiling up from hell.

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