Footage out of Portland, Oregon shows a pair of rioters laughing at and supporting the thought of federal officers being killed by explosions thrown by “peaceful protesters.”

Captured by Daily Caller chief video director Richie McGinniss, the clip features two “protesters” being asked about explosive devices being thrown at police.

“What would you think if that did blow up around the cops? Like, what if one of the cops died?” McGinniss asked the rioters.

One man responded with a sinister laugh and the other said, “Fuck it! If one of them cops got killed, good.”

Many explosive devices have been launched at police over the past few months of rioting in Portland, but the specific explosion being discussed in the previous video can be seen below.

In a second video of the explosion, the man who threw the device can be seen.

The rioter responsible for throwing the molotov cocktail has allegedly been identified as the same man who used a shield to protect a woman who went viral for standing in front of a police line completely naked.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, “bomb technicians discovered commercial grade fireworks with nails embedded in the mortar shell,” according to a federal law enforcement document.

Why are Democrat politicians and the left-wing media still claiming these “protesters” are “mostly peaceful?”

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