The city of Portland, Oregon has done little to nothing to stop far-left riots taking place over the past 120 days, but when the conservative group Proud Boys filed for a permit to hold a rally, the city denied them in the name of COVID-19.

Portland Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz denied the Proud Boys request to hold a rally at North Portland’s Delta Park on Saturday at noon, citing COVID-19 social distancing orders.

Another conservative group, Patriot Prayer, was also reportedly set to join the rally.

“Portland Parks & Recreation in partnership with myself as Parks Commissioner and Mayor Wheeler as Mayor and Police Commissioner denied a permit application submitted by event organizers planning a gathering in Delta Park this Saturday,” Fritz’s letter states. “The described event is not compliant with Oregon Health Authority guidelines about the number of people allowed in gatherings and cannot be conducted in a manner consistent with physical distancing guidance from public health officials. We must all do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19 in our community and keep ourselves and each other safe. Events like this are not welcome and not allowed.”

Meanwhile, Portland police officers are constantly attacked by leftist rioters who don’t ask for permission to protest.

These Antifa and BLM “activists” have been assaulting cops with bricks, bottles, lasers, incendiary devices and more since late May.

A member of Patriot Prayer named Aaron “Jay” Danielson was shot and killed by one of Portland’s far-left rioters in August.

His killer, Jacob Reinoehle, was shot and killed in September after he allegedly pulled a gun on law enforcement officers.

On Tuesday night, following the release of the Breonna Taylor verdict, a Portland rioter was caught on video hitting officers with a Molotov cocktail.

Joe Biggs, one of the organizers of the upcoming Portland rally called the “End Antifa” march, joined Infowars’ War Room with Owen Shroyer on Wednesday to discuss the event.

Groups mainstream and local Portland media call “anti-fascist” organizations have responded to the Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys rally by setting up events of their own.

Portland groups Rose City Antifa, Portland Jobs with Justice, PopMobPDX and Safe PDX Protest have all organized counter-protests.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Legislature’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color Caucus both claimed the conservative organizations are “hate groups” and condemned the gathering.

Alex Jones presents video footage of a black man in Portland, Oregon who gets in the face of ANTIFA members who have invaded his neighborhood from afar to agitate its inhabitants and drum up violent revolution.

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