A new poll from Suffolk University/USA Today shows more people are backing President Trump than Democrats running against him in 2020, a stat that’s increased amid a House impeachment investigation.

“In a match-up between President Trump and an unnamed Democratic nominee, Trump narrowly led, 41%-39%, with 10% supporting an unnamed third-party candidate. Another 10% were undecided,” USA Today reports.

“That was a shift, albeit one within the margin of error, from the August survey, when the unnamed Democrat held a narrow lead over Trump, 41%-39%.”

The majority of Americans also believe Trump will be elected president again in 2020.

“Despite the cloud of impeachment, overall those surveyed predicted by 50%-40% that the president in the end would claim a second term,” according to the news site.

Of the 1,000 registered voters surveyed by phone nationwide between Oct. 23 and 26, 46% approve of the president’s job performance, while 52% disapprove.

House Democrats have leveraged their majority to vote on the impeachment proceedings rules officially beginning the process.
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Several voters explained to pollsters why they’re voting for Trump.

“Trump has done a lot of things he has set out to do,” 52-year-old Iowa farmer John Siefkas said. “He needs to keep his hands off Twitter, (but) he is doing some stuff that is needing done that people haven’t had the guts to do.”

William Collins, a 56-year-old retired police investigator from Virginia, told USA Today, “I believe Trump has directed America in the right direction, and I think he really has the American people in his own heart.”

Americans polled were split 46%-46% on whether they’d prefer Congress controlled by Republicans or Democrats.

Trump’s support and predicted victory in 2020 stands in contrast to the public’s opinion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who held a successful vote on Thursday to formally launch Trump’s impeachment.

About 37% of those surveyed either approve or strongly approve of Pelosi’s job performance, while over 51% disapprove or strongly disapprove, according to the data.

As far as impeachment, 53% disagree with Trump’s assessment of the proceedings as a “political lynching,” but 59% opposed a vote to impeach, preferring to either drop the issue or continue investigating instead.

Even if the House impeaches Trump, a majority of Americans don’t think the Senate should convict him.

About 51% of Americans think there was either nothing wrong with Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president to encourage an investigation into Joe Biden’s dealings in the country and hacking allegations in the 2016, or it doesn’t rise to the severity of an impeachable offense.

Just over 56% of those polled don’t think Trump will be impeached, and more than 73% do not think the Senate will remove him from office.

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