Turns out Donald Trump is really crappy at being a racist.

A new Rasmussen poll has found that DOUBLE the number of Americans think young black people are doing better under Trump than they did under Obama.

Asked if they believe life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump’s election, 32 per cent of likely U.S. voters agreed, while 36% said life had gotten worse.

Compare these numbers to March 2014, where just 16 per cent said life had gotten better for young blacks under Obama. By July 2016, this number had slumped to just 13 per cent.

“Even black voters are nearly twice as likely (28%) to say young black Americans are better off now than they were in the closing year of Obama’s presidency (15%),” reports Rasmussen.

Despite the mainstream media’s attempt to smear Trump as a racist bigot for the best part of the past two years, the numbers underscore how this narrative has largely failed.

While Obama’s victory was supposed to herald a new era of positive race relations, he left office amidst riots and the emergence of a Black Lives Matter movement that only succeeded in souring race relations.

Obama offered unfulfilled promises, while Trump offered and delivered on jobs.

Black unemployment just hit its lowest level since the government started to record that data in 1972, with the figure now standing at just 5.9 per cent.

Support for Trump amongst black Americans could be a surprise factor in Trump’s bid for re-election in 2020.

As we highlighted last month, following rap star Kanye West’s public praise for pro-Trump activist Candace Owens, support for Trump amongst black males doubled.


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