Water cannons are being prepared by Dresden police in case anti-Bilderberg protests get out of control during demonstrations planned for tomorrow near the site where the secretive group is currently meeting.

Infowars reporters were able to get footage of the vehicles, along with another militarized ‘scoop’ tank, which were situated in a parking lot about half a mile way from the Kempinski hotel.

Within minutes of the cameras rolling, the reporters were told to leave by a security guard.

The water cannons are certain to prompt accusations of overkill given that there have only been a handful of protesters who have showed up so far to protest against Bilderberg, including a British couple who were ordered by police to not display cardboard signs.

The pair were later reportedly arrested for possessing a tent and a loaf of bread, which police incredulously claimed could be used as a weapon.

However, the water cannons are also being readied for potential violent clashes between leftists and right-wing protesters who are both set to hold demonstrations in Dresden on Saturday.

Another source informed us that on previous occasions, leftists agent provocateurs have tried to stir up trouble by throwing bottles at police and then blaming it on right-wing protesters.

Infowars reporters will be in Dresden all week covering the Bilderberg Group meeting.

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