Deputy chief constable Rachel Swann left Twitter earlier this year after facing “hairstyle abuse” over her spiky frosted-tips hairstyle and reported the “insults” she received as a “hate crime.”

From The Huffington Post, “Police Chief Says She Faced Sexist And Homophobic Abuse Over Hairstyle”:

A senior police officer has spoken out about how she received “sexist and homophobic” abuse online while overseeing the evacuation of more than 1,000 people as a dam collapsed.

Rachel Swann, deputy chief constable of Derbyshire Police, said the insults she received have been recorded as a hate crime after she was told she was “letting policing down” while overseeing the Whaley Bridge crisis.

Swann told BBC Radio Derby that she decided to quit Twitter after a press agency “wanted to run a story on my hair”.

Speaking about the abuse for the first time, she said: “I can take a bit of banter but it became sexist and homophobic, and really insulting.

“The bit that really hurt was people saying I had no standards and I was letting policing down.”

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Imagine charging people with hate crimes for making fun of you.

One viral meme of Swann shared on social media put her image next to the Zoomer Wojak:

Another had her going Super Saiyan:

I guess everyone who shared these memes should be thrown in prison to protect the deputy chief constable’s feelings.

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