Planned Parenthood supporters taunted a pro-life group with abortion chants and songs and boasted about having abortions at a Texas university last month.

Students for Life posted a video this week of the incident on April 9 at the University of Texas-San Antonio. The organization had put out 911 pink crosses to create a “Cemetery of the Innocents,” as a symbol for the number of abortions performed daily by Planned Parenthood. In the video, a half-dozen people brandishing “I Stand With Planned Parenthood Signs” stood in the middle of the grassy area, with students milling around in the middle of the day.

“I had an abortion!” one woman yelled to cheers as she ran into the cemetery, jokingly pointing at one cross and saying “there’s mine right there.”

“I just love to have sex and to abort fetuses, that’s my number one kink,” another woman said.

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Alex breaks down how a new wave of Big Tech censorship has now come to America with Facebook declaring Alex Jones and other patriots as “dangerous”. The ultimate goal is to control not only what information you are allowed to see, but also your ability to make purchases and maintain a bank account.

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