A Planned Parenthood (PP) senior executive, who in 2015 admitted she wanted to make enough money off of harvested fetal parts to buy a “Lamborghini,” has again been caught haggling over baby body part prices.

In a new undercover video released Wednesday by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Planned Parenthood Federation of America Medical Directors’ Council President Dr. Mary Gatter explicitly discusses pricing for aborted baby body parts.

“I did it in L.A., I’m committed to it, I think it’s a great idea,” Gatter tells undercover operatives posing as buyers. “What kind of volume do you need and what gestational ages?”

Gatter informs the buyers they must “pay a little money to use the space,” to which the buyer replies that most clinics charge “per specimen.”

Negotiating a per specimen price, Gatter hovers over a $75 figure, asking, “Per specimen. Like $75 a specimen?”

“$75 a specimen, or $50 a specimen?” Gatter again asks.

The buyer responds, “What we’ve been quoting is $50 per specimen. I think some people are doing more, some slightly less.”

Claiming it is ”on the low end,” Gatter asserts the $50 per specimen price “was like 12 years ago.”

The buyer continues stating, “What we like about per-specimen is that way we’re not paying for [fetal] material that we can’t use, you know?” to which Gatter nods and says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The buyer also emphasizes they want intact fetal parts, saying, “If we can get a liver, a lung, and you know, a brain–”

Gatter interrupts, asking “But you would show up to do this? You would send somebody,” to which the buyer answers they would send a tech.

“Yeah I’d be willing, give me a call,” Gatter ends the conversation.

During the exchange Gatter says the Pasadena PP clinic harvests tissue and organs from gestated fetuses up to 16 weeks old, but that other clinics she’d worked at had harvested at 24 weeks and later.

While federal law allows reimbursement for costs related to fetal organ or tissue donation, it does not allow the sale and purchase of specific organs and tissues, according to CMP.

In congressional testimony last year, Planned Parenthood (PP) claimed it hadn’t kept financial records of federal reimbursements, however contracts and invoices acquired by CMP showed tissue procurement agencies such as Novogenix, StemExpress and Advanced Bioscience Resources “all made monthly payments to Planned Parenthood based on the number of resalable fetal specimens the wholesalers’ workers could harvest inside the abortion clinics,” CMP notes in a press release.

In the case of PP Los Angeles, which carries out some 15k abortions per year, Novogenix was contracted out at $45 “per donated specimen.” PP however did not reveal to congressional investigators the total amount they were awarded under the contract. This case is still being investigated for criminal wrongdoing by Justice Department and FBI officials.

“Tuesday’s video is particularly damning as it disproves many of Planned Parenthood’s claims defending the legality of its fetal organ harvesting program,” writes Raven Clabough at The New American.

“Ultimately, what Gatter reveals in this exchange is that Planned Parenthood was not entitled to reimbursements under the law, a point noted by [CMP founder David] Daleiden.”

Embattled CMP Director David Daleiden stated Gatter’s negotiation of a price per specimen amounts to “criminal trafficking and profiteering in fetal body parts.”

“The fact that Novogenix, StemExpress, and ABR stationed their own workers inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to perform the harvesting, packaging, and transport of aborted baby body parts demonstrates that Planned Parenthood had no reimbursable costs under the law,” Daleiden wrote Wednesday.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman has requested U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions bring justice against the offending Planned Parenthood locations.

“We urge Attorney General Sessions to take immediate action to bring those responsible for breaking the law at Planned Parenthood to justice,” Newman said. “We are a nation of laws, and if the laws are not enforced, they become meaningless.”

Gatter had previously earned the nickname “Lamborghini Lady” after a CMP video caught her cackling at the prospect of making enough money off of harvested fetal parts to be able to buy a high-priced luxury car.

While attempting to expose the illegal harvested fetal part trafficking trade, CMP has come under fire from multiple fronts for their undercover tactics. The New American lays out CMP’s legal troubles:

In 2016, Center for Medical Progress head David Daleiden was indicted by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, receiving a felony charge for using a fake ID and a misdemeanor charge for e-mailing an offer to buy fetal tissue. The charges were dropped in 2016. The California Department of Justice raided Daleiden’s home in 2016 to seize his laptop and hard drives, which held information pertaining to CMP’s 30-month investigation into Planned Parenthood. In 2017, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed 15 felony charges against Daleiden and associate Sandra Susan Merritt for posing as employees of a medical research company and secretly recording confidential conversations, and these charges still stand.

CMP has additionally taken the extra step of releasing the full, unedited version of their exchange with Gatter.

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