Kurt Nimmo
January 6, 2012

Liberal TV personality Phil Donahue went on Piers Morgan’s CNN television show to defend Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

Donahue said the only candidate opposing the march to war against Iran is Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich, Donahue noted, has characterized Paul’s opposition as dangerous.

“What I’ve noticed about Americans and America when it comes to this kind of thing, is that anybody that dare speak up against a war instantly gets labeled, bracketed, a pacifist, a coward, weak,” Donahue said.

“I mean, how many wars do you want to have in your lifetime? How many bombs are you going to drop? I just think it looks like we’ve become a warrior nation,” he said, noting that candidate Rick Santorum has “both guns out… and you can hear the drums in the background.”

Santorum is on record as stating an Israeli military strike on Iran is inevitable and that the United States should support it when it comes. Remarkably, he believes that Iran is the greatest threat to the United States since the Soviet Union. He has declared that attacking Iran and Syria represents his “purpose, and our national calling.”

Phil Donahue, however, did not endorse Ron Paul’s bid for president.

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